Good Samaritan Clinic of Jackson County Medication Assistance

Through the Medication Assistance Program, the free clinic provides medications for people who cannot afford their prescriptions. These include medications for diabetes, asthma, heart disease, and high blood pressure. They can also receive over-the-counter allergy, cough, and cold medicines.

All enrolled patients of Good Samaritan Clinic have access to our Medication Assistance Program. Our program also serves adults in our region who may have a primary care provider locally, but do not have prescription drug coverage. Our Community Medication Assistance Program serves patients who see a doctor in any of the six western counties, but may still need help with prescription assistance.

All prescription medications are closely tracked and monitored through a sophisticated computer program. Good Samaritan Clinic of Jackson County partners with various pharmaceutical companies, local drug stores, and area physicians to keep this program viable.

“We have several health problems including some chronic conditions, and the people here really want to help us. We could not afford healthcare and still have a place to live and food on the table, so we are grateful to receive this assistance.”
— Todd and Wendy Clelland, Jackson County residents

2014 Medication Assistance Program stats

  • We provided 5,221 total prescriptions through our Medication Assistance Program
  • Total value of above medications = $1,348,830 (AWP)
  • Total prescriptions dispensed by Eastgate Pharmacy Voucher Program: 5,195
  • Direct cost to Good Sam Clinic for these medications: $9,670