Meet the staff at the Good Samaritan Clinic of Jackson County

Rebecca Mathis  |  Executive Director

Rev. Rebecca Mathis began serving at the Good Samaritan Clinic in 2013 and became Executive Director in January of 2014.  As a seminary graduate and ordained minister, she loves being part of a community organization that works tirelessly to serve our neighbors.  Rebecca provides organizational oversight of all programs, personnel, and finances.  She also is responsible for community outreach, fundraising, and grant writing.


David Trigg, MD  |  Medical Director

Dr. Trigg started as a volunteer physician over a decade ago and became Medical Director in 2010.  A former emergency room physician, he enjoys providing preventive healthcare and improving the quality of life for each patient he serves.


Mary Puckett, PhD, PA-C  |  Physician Assistant

Mary was a volunteer with Good Sam for many years before joining the staff as a full time provider in 2016.  She enjoys internal medicine because she learns something new every day.  She enjoys her work with patients because every one is unique.


Jessica Thomas, RN, BSN  |  Clinical Services Director

Jessica began serving at the Good Samaritan Clinic in July of 2015. She finds joy in being part of a collaborative team that provides high quality, holistic healthcare to her community.  Jessica manages the Primary Healthcare Clinic, Nurse Case Management Program and Medication Assistance Program. 


Marcia Almond, RN, BSN  |  Nurse Case Manager

Marcia began as a volunteer at the Good Samaritan Clinic. She is passionate about providing access to good healthcare for all. Marcia provides nurse case management as well as recruiting, training, and coordinating our volunteers. 


Rosalyn Robinson, RN, BSN  |  Nurse Care Coordinator

Rosalyn considers it a privilege and a calling to serve others as a nurse.  In a new age of healthcare that is ever changing, navigating systems and finding resources is a challenge for patients and families. Being able to assist in those challenges and empower patients to control their own health within an environment of caring and compassion is a wonderful opportunity.  


Debbie Baxter  |  Medication Assistance/Enrollment Specialist

Debbie started working at the free clinic in 2009 and enjoys helping people enroll and providing medication assistance for short-term and chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.  Debbie helps determine eligibility for clinic services, coordinates the enrollment/re-enrollment process, and assists clinic patients in enrolling in the Medication Assistance Program. 


Sarah Forbis  |  Medication Assistance Program Coordinator

Sarah helps patients who cannot afford medications get those medications in a timely manner. She works with other physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and patients.  Sarah connects non-clinic patients and community providers to the Medication Assistance Program.


Rosetta Gates  |  Business Manager

Serving the clinic since 2011, Rosetta appreciates the hard work put in by the staff and volunteers so that our patients receive the best care possible and enjoys helping patients get the assistance they need.  She supports the overall work of the clinic through bookkeeping, data collection, and grant reporting. 


Shivani Patel  |  Data Entry Assistant

Shivani began volunteering at the Good Samaritan Clinic in July 2015 before applying to a student internship position in November. She enjoys working with a well-trained and experienced staff who pushes her beyond her capabilities - a staff that aided her into finding a passion by serving a community in need. Shivani believes the experiences she has gained so far are preparing her to lead in a new light and paving the way for her future career as a Nurse Practitioner.